Details of our service

Interior / Exterior Painting

Plastering / Plasterboard

Wallpapering & Rendering Repairs

Wallpaper & Paint Stripping

Polyurethane colour floors

Texture / Elastomeric Coatings

Epoxy / 2Pac & Polyurethane Coatings

Painting & Plastering Maintenance

Industrial & Protective Coatings for longer life

Sealing surfaces with oil based sealer for longer life

Quality Workmanship / Warranty on all our work

Workers Compensation & Public Liability

  1. Protection: we will use drop sheets to protect shrubs, concrete paths and driveways, masking tape will be applied as required etc.
  2. Flaking paint: all paintwork will be thoroughly checked for any loose of flaky paint. It will be scraped and sanded back to sound surface.
  3. Wash down: all the surfaces to be painted (if required) will be given a through wash down with solution, to remove dirt, fungi and mould.
  4. Patching: hairline cracks and cracks less than 2mm are to be filled with flexible silicon material. Cracks greater than 2mm wide are to be patched with exterior-grade (Sweden super filler) to match the existing texture.
  5. Sanding: all surfaces will be lightly sanded before any paint is applied. Most paint adhesion problems are a result of poor preparation, mainly a lack of sanding.
  6. Priming: all patched and all mould damaged areas will be primed with oil-based sealer to seal the surface. Oil sealer are preferred as they penetrate and seal the surface and provide superior protection to walls.